Fantasy cricket games are booming with the passing of time. The main objective in fantasy cricket is to score as many fantasy points as possible and rank high on the leaderboard to earn more. Fantasy sports is a game of skill that requires players to utilize their sports knowledge to play well and win. Here comes the Cricdope, at your service to give you precise analysis and match predictions.

This platform offers the best single and accumulator predictions for the sport. The app gives predictions by conducting a thorough analysis, with a high success rate since 2010. We have experts who have a good understanding of the game and analyze it by tracking several factors, such as recent five matches, head-to-head matches, pitch and weather reports, etc.

We are trusted by over 10,000+ users, and you can count on us too. With the precise match analysis and predictions of Cricdope, you can create fantasy teams and win every day.

Get our expert panel's match prediction to play secure and earn more

Since 2010, we have established a solid reputation for providing accurate cricket match predictions. Our drive to complete a thorough analysis of upcoming matches and pay close attention to every significant element makes us trustworthy. Before presenting match predictions, our expertise looks into all relevant factors, such as pitch and weather reports, head-to-head match details, etc.

10,000+ Users

We have successfully crossed 10,000+ users by giving them proper match analysis and leading them to earn more money by playing.

Reliable Match Analyzer

Crickdope has been providing detailed match analysis and predictions since 2010. Our expert panel conducts thorough research before giving match predictions.


Our expert cricket match analysis and predictions are precise enough to make us the most trustworthy and secure match predictions.

Ways we analyze and predict the match

Cricdope provides a detailed analysis of every upcoming match. You’ll gain exclusive insight into our research and analysis processes, which ultimately help us determine the most probable outcome. Here's how our match predictions work:

Recent Performances:

We analyze the recent performances of both teams. Here, we show the results of the wins or losses of the teams in the last five matches.

Head-to-Head Matches:

Our analyzers take a look at the last five head-to-head matches. It helps the analyzer research the performance of the individual teams against each other.

Teams match at stated venues and results:

We also analyze the previous head-to-head match between both teams at the stated venue. The results help us analyze the team's performance in the upcoming match.

Pitch and Weather:

We are aware that pitch and weather play a crucial role in any team's performance. So, we conduct a thorough analysis of the pitch and weather to let the user know the chances of good batting/fielding/bowling conditions.

Membership Plans

Cricdope covers all kinds of cricket matches. Thus, you will be sure to get the analysis and predictions of all cricket matches. Some of the match analysis is free, whereas others are covered under the premium plans. Check out our minimal-cost membership plans to get unlimited access to the match analysis.


  • How many matches do we analyze daily?
  • It depends on the daily matches. If there are 3–4 matches daily in different leagues, we will cover all of them. We have a team of experts who analyze in depth and ensure precise predictions.
  • Do we cover test matches?
  • Yes, Cricdope covers the test matches as well. We analyze, predict, and provide tips on all kinds of cricket matches across the world, such as ODIs, T20Is, and domestic/international Premier Leagues.
  • What is our accuracy in any match analysis and prediction?
  • Our match analysis is almost as accurate as our predictions. We are happy to claim that our app has more than 10,000 users who have successfully won the game following our analysis and predictions.
  • How do we analyze a cricket match?
  • Our expert analyzer takes a look into several factors before providing any predictions or tips. We follow with the analysis of the last five matches, head-to-head matches of both teams, pitch and weather reports, and the last matches results at the stated venues.